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Since I was sixteen years old, I’ve 공식 bet365가상축구 participated in virtual soccer. As a result of an invitation from several friends, I decided to join a league they were forming. Until that year, the term “virtual soccer” was completely foreign to me. Furthermore, this was in the mid-1990s, long even before the game’s current degree of popularity, which crosses age, gender, and race lines.

There were 10 distinct fantasy football magazines available at any given time in each given grocery shop, pharmacy, or bookstore in the United States. Nobody ever explained the strategy to me before I wrote my first draft, and I’m still bewildered 가상축구 – rosisoccer.

The only information I had was a list of prior year’s players and their cumulative virtual soccer point totals. One item on the list stood out to me right away. Morton Anderson, the previous year’s NFL virtual soccer points leader. It’s been a great challenge to put my story down on paper. As a result, the guilt I’m going to share with you is emerging hugely.

When I think back on it, there’s a likelihood (but not a guarantee) that I was taken third in the draft. I couldn’t believe it when the first two picks were made and were relieved that Morton Anderson and the other kickers were still available. I recall feeling proud of my intelligence and boasting arrogantly that I was the brightest person in the room.

How could these dummies choose running backs when kickers score so many more points? I wondered bet365가상축구 게임 about something while softly giggling to myself. I had no notion kickers were as expendable as, say, a top-five running back or wide receiver. When it comes time for me to draft, I boldly say, “I take Morton Anderson!” My last words echoed around the room, and then there was dead quiet. The room erupted out laughing as if someone had pressed a button on a laugh track machine. Immediately, I knew that I had made a serious error.

Are you kidding me? When the jokes stopped, the draft officer naturally asked what was so funny.


Not, I said, taking bet365가상축구 사이트추천 them up on their offer

This is where you’ll find the answer. If you’re going to pull the “I was only kidding when I said I wanted Morton Anderson” ploy, you’d better have a convincing stand-in on hand. I don’t recall to whom I addressed that statement, but I do recall that it elicited a lot of laughs. I’m convinced it was somebody who made it to the fifth round. It wasn’t the most ideal moniker for an NFL player, but it was the first one that sprang to mind. I didn’t refer to him as “Bill Cowher,” at the very least.

To avoid public humiliation during virtual soccer season, it’s best  not to overthink a straightforward choice. Marshall Faulk and Stephen Davis were my starting running backs that year (2001). That year, no one was scarier than Marshall Faulk. He concluded the season with 2,147 yards from scrimmage and 21 touchdowns.

Stephen Davis gobbled up yardage like it was candy, but he was unable to punch it in. With a few minutes left in the game, he only had 5 TDs and 1,637 total yards. There I was, starting as running back in Week 15 of the 2001 fantasy football season with little to no competition. However, I worried about Stephen Davis. He was capable of great things, yet he may have fallen short of his potential. Five times before week 15, he has been held to fewer than 80 yards, twice for less than 40 yards.

Because the season was nearly done, there were no legitimate starting running backs bet365가상축구 분석 available on the waiver wire. However, there was one glimmer of hope that I simply couldn’t dismiss. My curiosity about Trung Candidate has recently increased. At the time, Trung Candidate was Marshall Faulk’s main backup in St. Louis. When “The Greatest Show on Turf” originally appeared, this was the case. Faulk was routinely taken out of games at halftime to shield him from injury since the St. Louis Rams put up big offensive statistics practically every week.

In week 15, the St. Louis Rams faced off against the terrible Carolina Panthers. After the 2001’s season, the Carolina Panthers finished with a record of 1-15. But I still wouldn’t have favored Stephen Davis over Trung Candidate had I known it. The reasons why I might make such a stupid choice are as follows. In Week 9 of the 2001 NFL season, the St. Louis Rams defeated the Carolina Panthers 48-14. Marshall Faulk scored twice and gained 197 yards on the rush.

In his actual “work,” Trung Candidate racked up an incredible 146 yards on the ground, 66 in the air, and 1 score. In Week 15, the 11-2 Rams are in command of their division. Faulk will likely put up big first-half numbers and Trung Candidate bet365가상축구 패턴 will do most of the work in a game that can be marked as a win before it even begins. I think I was able to make some of my arguments. Marshall Faulk finished with 252 yards all-purpose and two touchdowns.

The final result was closer than anyone had hoped for. The Trung Candidate offense was unsuccessful, as they gained no yards and scored no points. The situation was made worse by the fact that Stephen Davis had 66 total yards and a touchdown. In case you’re wondering, I lost my playoff game that day by a score of 3. That year’s virtual soccer season was spoiled by the coach’s careless move.